Launch Day

I’m not sure why I thought launching a web page would be easy. Maybe it was the inaccurate assumption that I knew what I was doing. How hard could it be?,  I thought. I’ve given birth to multiple children, kept my sanity (barely) after relocating to a new country, managed the Tiny Tot Scoundrels for years, and prevented anyone from flushing their younger sibling down the toilet. If I can do all that, I can set up a simple website.

Ha! I should really stop listening to myself on Thursdays.

And so here I am, no less than 32 windowed tabs open on my computer. Each one eager to educate me on headers and statistics and something called widgets, which for some reason I think of as tiny doohickeys I carried in my pockets as a child, but must be something different in this electronic world. Slowly, I’m navigating my way through. It’s not perfect. It won’t be perfect by next Thursday either. But today, I have a site. And my first post.

And in about ten minutes, I’ll have a cappuccino. That makes today a success in my book.

Published by casblomberg

Cas Blomberg is a native-English speaking writer who lives in Stockholm, Sweden.