Title Change

Last week was an exciting week! We celebrated Easter, the kids ate a mountain of candy, my four-year-old son knocked out his two front teeth, and I received feedback from the first of my beta readers.

The assessment? He thoroughly enjoyed the book and wants to know when the next one is coming out. Words every author wants to hear. There were a couple of events that needed clarity and I will spend this week tweaking those scenes. The final point he made concerned the title. Faith of One didn’t fit. It was too passive. Too ambiguous.

Which meant I spent a few days last week going crazy. I walked around with a list brainstorming every moment of the day. The Pillars. The Fifth Pillar. A Journey of Enlightenment. Blind Faith.

I also drove my husband to the brink of insanity.

“What’s your plan for dinner, Cas?”

The Realm of Faith.”

“For dinner?”

Lokatts Crossing.”

“Right. Never mind.”

I even kept a small notebook beside my bed and scribbled whatever inspiration came to me during the more lucid moments of half-sleep. You know those moments. When the muse shows up and wants to chat moments before you drift into a dream. I filled page after page with nonsense about journeys and magic.

After three days of mad scrambling, I have a new title.

Awakening: An Ashborne Legacy.

I like it. When you read the book, you’ll find there is little ambiguity about it, and it has spirit. The only drawback is the sheer number of Awakening titles already out there, but I’m hoping the subtitle separates it from the pack and the lack of a vampire on the cover might help, too.

Now, I just need a cover . . . without a vampire.

*Update: I ended up going with Ashborne: The First Chronicle and you can purchase the book here.

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