How Do You Twitter?

My twitting ignorance shows up in the title of this post.

I get the idea of Twitter, I really do. I just don’t . . . get it.

I imagine this vast cyberspace, filled with millions of people all buzzing around. They’re chatting, texting, posting, and tweeting. Information zooms by quicker than any sane person can keep up with it.

I’m starting slow, and have only found 100 or so people to like. While editing today, I decided to leave the window open and see what happened. Every second my twitter window filled up with tweet after tweet. A minute would go by and there would be 47 new tweets. Some of you follow tens of thousands of pages. How can anyone keep up? If I spent all day reading them, I’d still never be able to keep up, and I only have a hundred pages.

And then there’s the whole introversion thing. The fact is, I don’t want to be in virtual space with millions of people! I cringe when I think about it. My idea of a good time is, at most, a dinner out with my husband at a nice restaurant. I guarantee you it would never involve a massive pool party. If an image of a fun-filled activity ever popped up with more than say ten people at a picnic, I start getting antsy.

For some reason, despite those feelings, I became curious enough about the social phenomenon of tweeting to give it a go and this past weekend I set up my account.

I am on Twitter!

That may not be earth-shattering news for most of you. You might even be asking yourself, ‘So what?’

For me, it’s an achievement. I’m still learning what to do there, but I’m there.



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6 thoughts on “How Do You Twitter?

  1. Hi, Hugo! I’ve heard that before, about the ongoing chat. I need to search around and find some conversations. That doesn’t sound as intimidating as reading every post made by every person. How often do you check Twitter? Is it a daily task?

  2. I love twitter, which I use strictly for work related things (separate from facebook, which is for private/family stuff). How I use it differs too, twitter is more like an ongoing chat where there is no point to follow everything at all times. If I don’t look at twitter for some time it doesn’t really matter, and I don’t try to read things too far back in time to catch up.

    The fun part is when you start to form relations with other people that you bump into there – there are some fun/nice/smart twitterpeople that I have found and socialize with.

  3. I love Twitter. I tend to think of it sort of like a huge house party.

    You never know who’ll you’ll bump into because everyone’s invited. Some are super-interesting and cool and everyone else is hoping to get their attention for even a sentence. Others are just silly attention seekers who end up with lampshades on their heads and everyone else pointing and laughing at them. (It may be intentional fun, or it may not be.) Others just stand aside making rude comments under their breath, until they say something too obnoxious and get thrown into the pool.

    You tend to congregate with people you know best and like most in the corner of the kitchen. Others you know pop in and out of the room now and then waving. You speak to them in passing as they rush in and out.

    Others sometimes appear from another room after having overheard something you said and taking umbrage at it. You have no clue who they are, but they may decide to become righteously argumentative (probably had too much to drink). After a bit of back and forth, either you walk off to another room (block), or they do. Or they may just disappear among the guests (unfollow) and you’ll never hear from them ever again…. 🙂

    1. Thanks for the reply. You make it sound so . . . fun! I’m hoping I can make the most of it. I know I won’t be the life of the party, but I don’t want to be the lampshade lady. I wouldn’t even know what style to wear. I want to enjoy my time there, and maybe find some unexpected surprises. Thanks for stopping by and giving me such a bright outlook on Twitter.

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