Tomato Soup Days

A series of doctor’s appointments and a spring cold have taken their toll on my work schedule. What I had hoped to finalize last week, sits untouched on my laptop. The deadlines I had constructed in my mind have been pushed further back. In the wake of these setbacks, I spent at least one day fretting about that.

And then my kids wanted tomato soup.

It’s their comfort food. We all have our own, don’t we? Maybe it’s cereal, fried chicken, chinese food .  . . or tomato soup. My kids ask for it when they don’t feel good, when they want to snuggle with mom, and when they want to just relax and not worry about anything.

So I put aside my expectations and deadlines. I placed my weekly social platform goals on a shelf. I jotted down one last reminder on the chapter I was editing and went to make tomato soup. For dessert, we snuggled as long as they needed to and I listened to their wonderful, half-feverish ideas about fairies and rabbits.

It was the second day we’ve had the soup. We might have it tomorrow also. And the day after if they need it.

Because comfort food says, ‘Put aside everything else. The only thing that matters right now is this moment.’

I should listen to it more often.


Published by casblomberg

Cas Blomberg is a native-English speaking writer who lives in Stockholm, Sweden.