Losing Arguments

7th Day of Harvest Season, 342 Years After Mourning

I spent all day debating with myself, only to discover I have lost the argument. At least the hopeful side of me has. The side that is still a little boy filled with a child’s belief that all will turn out for the best, that evil is something hinted at by mothers who wish to frighten their sons and daughters into behaving.

Because no man can harbor secrets in his heart from you, it will not surprise you to learn I am leaving the temple. I had mistakenly believed I could make a difference here, I could offer hope where none was found. Under Imorgan’s watchful gaze, I accomplish little. My hands are bound, wrapped tightly with rough strips of caution. Each day I linger, I place Wohlrin and the others in danger, a task that weighs heavily upon me. Imorgan will exact revenge should she discover any of our plotting and when she does, though she may wield the whip, by my carelessness, I have ordered the strokes.

Brother Milton, one of the few priests in the temple who lives only to serve you, Sisters, has agreed to accompany me. We leave in the morning. Hopefully, we will encounter few hardships and meet Hilla and her sister before dusk. At the farm, we will have the opportunity to discuss a plan without the threat of eyes and ears spying on us.

Wohlrin and I have made arrangements through the merchant, Darris to speak with each other every three days. Mouse, the sneaky silent boy who is still learning what is important and not important to listen to, will continue his observations and pass along everything he uncovers.

Soon, Sacred Sisters, I will escape from the temple, for that is how I view it. I am not running from my duty, but to a place where darkness doesn’t devour my service. Until the day when we can reclaim the temple in your name. We will illuminate the shadows and expose the dark schemes. And then, on that day, we will weep as mercy parades down the halls like a lost child. My heart races with anticipation! For the first time in ages, I’m excited. I must check my provisions.

-Jakob Borchain

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