Ten Things I’m Thankful For


Today is Thanksgiving in the states. Our family won’t celebrate until Sunday because even if the history included a bountiful feast in the nation’s early days, for some reason Sweden doesn’t celebrate any holidays between midsummer and Christmas.

I keep seeing all the Thanksgiving posts on Facebook and Twitter and I became sad. I’m missing all the fun! So, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I thought I’d share ten things I’m thankful for in my life:

1.)  Friends who accept you as you are.

These friends are fantastic listeners and talkers. They don’t place requirements on your friendship. They know when you need a hug, know when you need a kick in the ass, and know when you need a laugh. I have a couple in my life, some closer than others, and I cherish each of them.

2.)  Mistakes.

I have a love/hate relationship with mistakes. I hate the feeling I get when I make them. I love the feeling I get when I learn from them. Usually long after the mistake.

3.)  A husband who isn’t a superhero. 

That’s my man! I’m so thankful he doesn’t have a cape and a pair of tights. Who wants a husband who’s out saving the world all the time? Not me. See, the problem with superheroes is we expect them to be superheroes all the time. And they’re not. They’re people filled with all the good bits and all the bad bits that make us human. I love my husband just the way he is, normal pants and all. He makes me laugh. Sometimes he makes me angry. Every day he makes me thankful we’re alive and spending our lives together.

4.)  Healthy children who (don’t) listen

Every parent longs for healthy children. Most of us also pray for children who listen. I’m blessed to have the first, and possibly blessed to not have the second. Only time will tell. I can tell you almost every day is an adventure in our home :).

5.)  Family, near and far

This one is especially painful for me this year. Actually, other than my husband and children, I don’t have family near. I do have my husband’s family, though and I’m thankful for them. I’m also thankful for my brother in the states and his family. We don’t speak as often as I’d like, but those times we do speak to each other make up for all the times we aren’t able to.

6.)  Band-aids

I love band-aids. So does my daughter. We buy at least a box a week. She even has a box she keeps in her desk at school. Some of you might think a band-aid only covers up boo-boos, both physical and mental ones. I happen to think a band-aid is a tangible reminder of healing.

7.)  Stories

Tragedies. Comedies. Drama. Quests. Missions. I love a good story. I’m thankful we have stories in our lives. They tell our past and give us a thousand futures. Stories are nothing more than words filled with sorrow, joy, and humor, sprinkled with the dust of hope.

 8.)  Crockpots and Goldfish

I am thankful for the small comforts that remind me of home. For me, it’s our slow cooker (that might sound simple to you, but we had to scour for years to find it. Just the other day someone posted on the American Facebook group and there was much whooping and hollering) and goldfish crackers.

9.)  Sweden doesn’t have Black Friday

I am so thankful I won’t be tempted to rush out and buy everything tomorrow. The Swedes’ ‘ta det lugnt’ (take it easy) attitude is rubbing off on me. I like not having to worry about the best sales. Or grabbing that one item before someone else does. Or running to the store for any reason. Our Thanksgivings in Sweden are the calmest dinners I’ve ever experienced. It’s refreshing to focus on the thankful part and leave out the shopping part.

10.) I’m not a turkey.

And finally, I’m thankful I’m not a turkey :).


What about you? What are you thankful for?

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