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In November, I received word my sister passed away. I didn’t write much about that here. I tend to keep most of my personal life out of the blog. Some of it leaks out here, but usually these are general blog posts. I know others who have used their blog for therapeutic release when a loved one passes away, and I think that’s fantastic. I couldn’t bring myself to write much of anything over the past month and a half.

A natural consequence of my self-imposed writing sabbatical, Jakob’s story was put on hold. Some of you will remember I posted weekly updates to Jakob’s Journal. Others might be asking yourselves, ‘Who is Jakob? And why do I care?’

I’m glad you asked! We first meet Jakob in my novel, Ashborne, but as I’ve stated before, he has his own tale to tell. Every week, I’ve been uploading journal pages to the blog, sharing the pieces of his story in a special section called Jakob’s Journal. When I’m finished, I plan to collect the journal pages and compile them into an Ebook, available for free, as a companion piece to the Ashborne Chronicles.

I’m happy to say, after almost six weeks, I’ve posted the latest update in Jakob’s saga. Jakob has escaped the temple and returned to the farmhouse where he found such comfort before. It’s a much-needed respite in his life. Little does he know, it won’t last for long. You can find the post, entitled Reunion, here.

I look forward to finishing his story. I hope you will join me =).

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