Postcard Memories of New York

DSC_0582Today is September 11, 2015. Sometimes it’s hard for me to remember the loss we experienced fourteen years ago. I think about it all the time, but I’m ashamed to admit after time, it becomes abstract, as do most traumatic events. We go on with our lives and yes, we remember, but for most of us, that initial shock and pain we felt that day has diminished. For others, it hasn’t. I was reminded of this the other day when I ran across a stack of old postcards. I looked at the towers which are now missing from the skyline and thought of all the people who died that day and are now missing from someone’s life. So I wanted to post one of the postcards here and take a moment to remember all those who lost their lives that day, and pray for those who survived and carry that loss with them. 

I’ve uploaded more postcards to Twitter (@casblomberg)

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One thought on “Postcard Memories of New York

  1. It’s a reminder that we, as a country, are considered enemies to other nations. This tragedy brought this to the forefront more than any event in history. We, as a country, are not invincible, and should never think that we are. It was a horrible way to be brought to the land of reality, but any way would have been just as tragic.

    Is is to be hoped that during these yearly remembrances, and every day of the year, we will be ever grateful for the men and women who serve us on a daily basis, in whatever capacity (the military, policemen, fireman, health workers, etc.), in an effort to make this country a safer place for us.

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