A Good Day

20151023_102909-001What a week! We’ve had doctor’s visits, school meetings, planning new meetings to meet our children’s needs, a lot of early mornings and late nights for my husband as his company continues with a crazy renovation project, coordinating schedules and rushing around, a few epic meltdowns, an intense battle between a dragon and a ninja (the costumes arrived yesterday), my son’s acrobatics at the breakfast table (which led to a split eyebrow, a ton of blood, and a bucketful of tears this morning) and for me, very little writing. Everyone is stretched thin. I don’t know how my husband is walking. He must have cloned himself. Emotionally and physically we’re all exhausted and some of us are a little beaten up (not from anger management issues, I promise. You have to know my son. The boy will climb anything, jump off of it, or try to explode it).

There have been fun moments, too. Like how my daughter was so pleased with the giant she built in Minecraft, or how my son ran to the balcony as soon as he came home yesterday, dug around in his stick bucket until he found the perfect one, and hobbled around the apartment hunched over for twenty minutes (can you believe the stamina?!), never once saying a word, until I asked him what on earth he was doing. His response? ‘Shh! I’m Yoda!’ And I did manage to work on the novel twice this week. If I can knock off another 2,000 words today, I’ll be pleased.

I’ve also got a whole weekend to recharge. I think. God I hope. First, I have to get through today. All the normal household duties, the children, any meltdowns at school that happen, plus, for some unknown reason–it must have happened while I was delusional–I invited their friends over after school. I have a feeling another epic dragon battle might be around the corner. My sister-in-law is also stopping by after work (yay!). But sometimes when I think of the future, honestly, all I want to do is check into a hotel and sleep for four days while someone else worries about everything. Maybe I’ll bring the kindle.

My husband reminded me yesterday how we used to prepare our children by constantly telling them how they were going to have an awesome day the next day, which seemed to help. They would wake up excited and happy and more often than not, they would have a great day. So I’m stealing the idea we use for them and applying it to me. I’m going to repeat it every day.

You can steal it, too.

Today is gonna be a really good day. 

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