Thursday Thoughts – Wicker, Zombie Babies and a Scary Fish

Thursday Thoughts –

Every Thursday I’m going to post a few short paragraphs, or photos, about random ideas to share with you some of the things that inspire me. It has the added benefit of keeping me focused, because let’s face it sometimes writers are interested in everything but writing (see how I didn’t mention the ‘p’ word there?). A blogger I admire, Aethereal Engineer, does this with art and music every week (Aethereal Engineer Blog) and I’ve enjoyed stopping over to see what inspires him when I can. I don’t listen to music much, so I’ve adapted the idea to fit my style. I’m hoping that I can use some of these elements in my work in the weeks that follow the post, much like writing prompts. Feel free to do the same if you find something that inspires you =).

What am I thinking about today?

  • Tragedy – first and foremost, I’m thinking of the terrible tragedy in California. Sometimes I just don’t understand how life can mean so little to some people. How such horrendous acts take place over and over again. My heart aches for the families who today must wake up and put one foot in front of the other even though their lives have been shattered and I weep for the lives who’ve been taken away from us too soon.

I’ll be honest and tell you part of me didn’t want to continue with my post today. I wanted it push it back to next week. How could I talk about things that inspire me, while others were living a nightmare? In the end, I decided this was my way of coping with the tragedies in the world. I write. Sometimes I write about things that don’t seem to be related, but I’ve found that my beliefs, outrage, curiosity, anger, and sorrow about what is going on in the world around me all find a way into my writing, whether I want them to or not. And so here I am, sharing some of the other things I’m thinking about today and hoping a story comes from them, because stories help us process life and heal from our wounds.

  • Stargazer fish – One of the first articles I saw this morning wasn’t about the tragedy, it was about strange fish. I flipped through the photographs and when I saw this one, the little story-fodder bell inside my head rang. This has to be one of the creepiest fish I have ever seen. Imagine exploring the ocean floor and seeing a pair of bulging eyeballs and rows of teeth poking out of the sand, waiting to eat your leg. Gives me the shivers. I also think it would make a fantastic element to a story, especially if the fish was enormous. Or nice. Or an ancient spirit who only spoke words that started with the letter s. So many options!
  • Bioluminescent bays – keeping with the ocean theme, glowing water has always fascinated me. The possibilities are endless really and I could imagine fitting this in a story in any genre. I think the only danger here is I’ll get so jealous my characters are the ones who get to experience this phenomenon instead of me!
  • Bath oil beads – I remember these balls you’d throw in the bath that would gradually dissolve away. I would try to catch the stretchy pink and red strands of goo in the water. I haven’t seen them in forever, but this image has sat in the back of my mind, waiting patiently to come out one day in a story.
  • Wicker – I don’t know why I’m thinking of wicker. My laundry basket is wicker but that’s a bit depressing to say I’m inspired by all my housework. I actually think it’s because I’ve been thinking about descriptive words a lot lately and how to avoid using vague words that don’t trigger an actual image for the reader. Wicker creates a strong visual in my head. I don’t know how I would fit it into a story about a giant creepy face in the sand, but it will be fun to think about it.
  • Minecraft – the kids are home sick today and I hear them talking about what they are going to do in Minecraft when they use their game tokens (they earn tokens daily they can exchange for game time). Doggie houses and caves. Runaway sheep. Grow pots. Torches. Diamond armor. Zombie babies. All the usual stuff kids talk about when they’re sick.

I could probably sit here all day and list a million things, but I’ll end it here. The only thing left to do now is to see where these images lead me =).

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