Hello, March! I’m So Glad to See you.

20160301_112901I asked for a February do-over, but I don’t think anyone heard me. You know what? It doesn’t matter now, because February is gone. Good riddance! And take your germs and viruses with you!  I better not get too excited or that meme I saw the other day with sunny skies on Tuesday and a blizzard on Wednesday might come true just to spite me.

Seriously, I am so looking forward to the Spring with all its sunshine, warm weather (hopefully), and a wonderful season of writing. Over the weekend, we rearranged the bedroom and I set up a cute little writing corner, complete with an inspiration board. I love walking in there and sitting at the desk now, my photo with Margaret Atwood looking down on me, encouraging me. They say to write as if you’re writing to someone great, and she’s the person I try to write to. I imagine her shaking her head and saying things like, ‘You know you can do better with this line.’ And now I can’t escape from her.

The writing corner even seems to work when I’m home with the kids, too (Did I mention they’re on sportlov? Every few months, Swedish schools have a week-long break for different reasons. At the end of February, all the kids get off to go skiing). Sort of. I mean, the place is still super small so I can hear every noise from every room, but it’s better than before. I got about 250 words into a new short story yesterday about a tower complex and a female soldier, before my writing time was up. Do you know what makes the difference for me? It’s a space that’s all mine. I don’t have to share my computer, desk, pencils or space with anyone. Cozy and isolated, but still accessible. I’m telling you, come sit in my writing corner and you’ll want to start writing, even if you’re not a writer.

I’ve got about a week’s worth of antibiotics left, but I’m feeling better, which means it’s time to get back to work.

Writing accomplishments for February:

  • Revised two chapters.
  • Submitted twelve poems.
  • Submitted three short stories.

Not so productive on the writing end of things, but I was able to send out previously written pieces for submission.

Writing goals for March:

  • Finish the revisions.
  • Write and submit two new short stories.
  • Prepare for my reading in April. I can’t believe I almost forgot to tell you about this! On Thursday, April 7th, Several members of the Stockholm Writers Group will have a reading at a local bookshop in town. Now I just have to decide what I’ll be reading and prepare for it as best as I can, because in addition to being a major introvert, it’ll be my first official reading, how anxiety-inducing exciting! ;). Once the details are finalized, I’ll post an update here.
  • Begin the 52 Lists project. One day each week, I’ll make a list of things. It’s going to be fun. A list of all the books I want with me on a deserted island. A list of characters I’d like to have to dinner with. A list of authors I admire. I’m going to do one for the writer me, and one for the normal me, as if I could separate those two =). I’ll post some of the writer lists.
  • Begin the 52 Questions project with the kids. Once a week I’m going to ask the kids a question and record their answers in a journal. I wanted a fun way for us to write together and I get the added benefit of capturing a year of their thoughts. I hope to add pictures or drawings, or let them write whatever they want about the question.
  • Begin the 52 Stories project. Occasionally, the kids and I have this thing we do. We make stories together. I start with a sentence. Then my daughter continues with the next sentence. My son adds a sentence. And finally, it’s my turn again. Sentence by sentence we build these stories. I’m going to make this a weekly routine and write down the stories in a notebook. This activity is always one of my favorites, because the kids are a little cooky which makes for some fun and fascinating tales.

Do you know what all of this means? Good weather, new goals, and dedicated quiet spaces? It means March is going to be great.

(As a side note, I’ll be moving my Thursday Thoughts posts to my Facebook page as writing prompts instead of posting them on the blog. It’s easier to update the Facebook page, especially when I’m sick or life interferes)

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