Our 52 Stories Project

Yesterday, I mentioned one of my goals for March was to begin documenting a story the kids and I create together each week. Today was electronic-free day in our house, so I figured it was the perfect time to start. When we were finished, the kids were laughing so hard, I couldn’t understand anything they said, so in full disclosure, these stories might have continued much longer than their official ending. Considering how they couldn’t get past the giggles, they finally agreed to the endings, and then they begged me to put it up on the blog, so here I am =). We ended up with two stories, but since I’m calling this Our 52 Stories Project and we’re a few weeks behind with documenting them, it works out.


Story # 1 — The Big Goofy Cat (they picked out the titles)

Me: The big cat opened his eyes.

Daughter: After he just had slept.

Son: Before he slept a Rhyhorn came and bumped the cat away and sent the cat rolling

M:  down the hill where he landed in a giant patch of marshmallows.

D: And then he fell asleep for thirty hours.

S: All of the sudden he was in the air bouncing up and down on a piece of jelly.

M: Suddenly a mouse chewed his way out of the jelly, looked at the cat bouncing up and down in the air and said, “Excuse me, do you know the way to Chocolate Town?”

D: “Yes, I do. Just follow the stone path to the left to a chocolate portal and step through while saying, ‘Alabala Bah’.”

S: When the mouse was gone, the jelly came back and the cat plummeted face first into the jelly.

M: The mouse heard the splat all the way from Chocolate Town.

D: A bunch of three-headed snakes slithered across the cat’s back and began eating the jelly.

S: Then the cat marched his way off the jelly where he fell again.

M: The poor cat decided he needed a vacation, so he went to pack a suitcase.

D: But the jelly was in his way and the snakes were only an illusion, they were really jelly-eating bunnies who began to eat the jelly to save the cat.

S: Then more jelly came back and the cat ran across the jelly and fell again where he said, “Ah, yike!” just before he crashed into the ground and the jelly exploded with a loud ‘Krrahhh’ and ‘boom!’

M: The mouse, fearing someone had found his secret stash of cheese, rushed back.

D: And he found the jelly exploded and the big goofy cat was eating his cheese.

S: Then a giant dog came and ate the cat and then the dog exploded, so another giant dog came to eat the cat.

     The End

(I think my son has a fascination with explosions . . . )


Story # 2 — The Big Goofy Cat Chapter Two 

M: The star fell into Bob’s backyard.

D: Bob was crazy and ran out the door because he thought the star was a yummy drink.

S: Then the cat jumped inside the house and started jumping on Bob’s bed, which exploded, so the cat crashed to the ground and said, ‘Beerkkk!’ and Bob said, ‘Arrrr!’

M: When the dust settled, a dozen fairies started coughing.

D: The fairies flew back home to fairy town.

S: With all the gold coins they had stolen so they could give them to the giant cat.

M: Who lived in the fire mountain and played the banjo every Monday.

D: And then everyone started dancing under a disco light.

S: The fairies went back to Bob’s house and dug up a treasure chest which they brought back to the giant cat in the fire mountain.

M: The cat was so happy he bought banana leaf cars for everyone.

D: But the cat said, “It’s time for Cat Idol,” and put on a dress and started singing.

S: The cat jumped on himself and began cleaning himself.

M: The judges were so impressed with this feat, they gave him a trophy made of seashells.

D: The cat took it home but the next morning discovered someone had broken into his home, stolen the trophy and left a fake.

S: Then the cat loved the fake trophy so much he started dancing around and saying, ‘Ca, Ca, Ca-Ca-Ca!’ until he started sleeping and then he began sleep dancing.

M: When he finally woke up, he was so tired he couldn’t move his paws, his tail or his right ear.

D: And he wondered if everything was just a dream until the spotlight hit him and he started singing.

The End


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