We’ve Moved!

20170319_132230_resizedAs some of you may have seen on my Instagram or Facebook posts, we’ve moved! I’m so excited. And a little tired. Okay, maybe more than a little tired. But I’m still mostly excited!

We had, in my eyes anyway, a tiny apartment. Our son was basically sleeping in what was labeled as a closet on the floor plan, which worked well when he was a baby. But that was six years ago. In short, we needed a bigger place. My husband, who is amazing at finding things, found us one.

Our old apartment was a 3 rum och kök, which translates to 3 rooms and a kitchen. In the US, we count bedrooms. A 2-bedroom house. A 3-bedroom condo. In Sweden, they just count rooms and the living room counts as a room. Why the kitchen is separate, I’ve never understood. Does a 3 rum without a kitchen exist? If not, why can’t we just drop that ‘och kök’ part? Like the bathroom, which never gets counted at all. So a 3 rum och kök is an apartment with a living room, two bedrooms and a kitchen.

The rooms are much smaller than an apartment in the States. I remember when friends of ours moved back to the States and kept saying how they didn’t know how they’d fill up their son’s room because they were so unused to the extra space. I wish we had that problem! I guess I’m spoiled by the space in the States. I wonder if that will ever go away?

Nevertheless, I’m pleased we found this place. We now have a 5 rum och kök, which means two extra bedrooms! We’ve given one of them to my son (who apparently is still waiting for the punching bag we promised him before he expresses his joy) and turned the other room into an office.

That’s why I’m so excited. I will finally have a writing office! At the moment, books are stacked in towers on the floor and few things are where I want them to be. Unpacking, I’ve discovered, takes a lot longer when you have kids and still have to go through the daily motions of life, like homework, dinner, baths, and bedtime routines. But I can see the potential here. The shape of the space is evident behind all the mess and that leaves me feeling a little giddy inside =).

Of course, an unfinished space hasn’t stopped me from working, either. I’ve forced myself to ignore the mess while I sit down during my designated writing times. But I have to admit, I’m looking forward to the day when the mess is gone and I’m able to sit here for longer periods of time.


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Cas Blomberg is a native-English speaking writer who lives in Stockholm, Sweden.

2 thoughts on “We’ve Moved!

  1. Congratulations, on your move. It sounds devine… I envy the office space! Wishing you and yours love, luck, and happiness in your new home. Love and miss you, Cassie!

    1. Thanks, Sharon! Love and miss you, too =). Every time I think of Chicago, I think of you =). I’ll have to come back for a visit some time soon.

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