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Book exchange, CultureWANTED: Participants for a book-loving social experiment. Comment if you want to participate and I’ll send you details.

What do you have to do? Buy your favorite book and send it to a stranger (I’ll send you a name and address). I used Book Depository to send a book to someone and I didn’t even pay shipping charges.

You will only be sending one book to one person. The number of books you will receive depends on how many participants there are. The books that will show up at your door are other people’s much loved stories #SaveTheCulture #BookExchange.

This notice popped up on my Facebook page and I signed up. Why? Because I think it’s fun and different and totally outside of what I normally do.

I know we use digital book readers these days and we’re all so busy, maybe our TBR stack is competing with the Eiffel Tower at the moment, but I think there’s more to this experiment than that. I think this is a chance to see what inspires other people. I ended up sending a book to a woman in Belgium. I’ve never been to Belgium. I have no idea if she’s reading the same books I’m reading, or something totally different and it’s that exposure to something new and different and perhaps from another culture that I find fascinating. If you’re interested, leave me a message with a way to send you a pm and I’ll add you to the experiment =).

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