My Word for 2018

20171230_155008Two years ago I began a course called One Little Word, by Ali Edwards. To give you a brief description of the class, you pick a word that you feel is speaking to you. Maybe it’s a word you need to work with, like Clean, Less, or Focus. Or maybe it’s a word you want more in your life, like Hope, Flourish, or Courage. You could order a journal and supplies from the shop, or you could use anything as a journal. Each month Ali posts a video about the prompt where she encourages you to do something with the word. Practice something or create intentions. The idea is this word you’ve chosen is with you throughout the year. 

That first year, I chose the word Light. It was a wonderful word for me, and even though I didn’t finish that year, the word still holds a special place in my heart. I might even choose it again one year.

Last year, I went with Find. I wanted to find my own writing voice, find my path, find out more about myself. I got halfway through the year. Twenty seventeen turned out to be an interesting year. I basically crashed.

Despite the tough year, I did succeed with the word in some ways. I am clearer about what I enjoy writing and what I want to focus on when I write. I found my mission statement. I even found help with the anxieties and stress of our family situation. I wouldn’t call the year a total failure.

This year, I’ve chosen the word Believe and my goal is to complete all the prompts, from January to December.

What do I want out of my word this year?

I’m going to shoot for some big goals and I need to believe I can do it. I want to believe I am worth the effort of all the training I will put in for the 5k or 10k run I agreed to do with a friend. It’s going to come in handy as a chant while I’m huffing and puffing to reach the finish line. ‘I believe I can make it! I believe I can make it!’ I want to believe as I compete against hundreds of other writers for one of only 18 slots that I am good enough for one of those slots. Not only that, but I want to believe that what I write is worth writing and that I have something to say. I have external publications under my belt, but sometimes I need to believe it’s real.

Also, I like the word because it’s surrounded by a little bit of magic. I never turn down magic.

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