The Run-ons!


Next week, I will be joining a handful of amazing writers and friends whose main purpose is to survive running 5 km. When I say ‘running’ I want to be all inclusive. Jogging. Power walking. Strolling. Walking the dog. Stopping for rests along the way to take in the view. Maybe even have a mid-way pit stop where we can discuss the virtues or lack thereof of famous writers from the 16th century. Seeing as the run is women only, we could debate the first female writer published. The point is, we will all line up, with a number tag on our shirts and began something close to running. We won’t stop until we cross the finish line. 

Vårruset is a 5 kilometer run around one of the many lakes in Stockholm. Open only to women, they welcome the trained and untrained, and encourage you to walk or run, whatever works for you. My kind of run =). All joking aside, I do intend to run, I’m just not sure I can keep it up the entire distance. We will see! If you’re in Stockholm on Wednesday, say a cheer for us.

I’m excited, to be honest. I’ve never taken part in a run before and were it not for one of my best friends, I might not have done it this year. My hope is that we laugh while we run, at least once. Should we walk away with a stronger sense of camaraderie, or a memory of fun times that pops up when we least expect it in the future, it was worth it. We also get a picnic at the end. Who could pass up that?


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