Published Work:

Ashborne: The First Chronicle – Booklaunch Page 

“Complex adult characters and an interesting world that is built up surprisingly well.”

In a town where magic users are executed for the sake of their souls, one cleric begins to ask questions that could cost her not only her freedom, but her life. On the run and separated from her husband, Joelle must expose the lies of her former life and discover the truth about faith–before it’s too late and she’s unable to save the life of someone she cares about deeply.

While Joelle confronts the deceptions of her past, another woman in another city is waging her own war against injustice. After years of preparation, Riatha, one of the last elven Archmages, finally begins a plan to restore the former glory of the elves.

At a time when stereotypes abound and strong female characters are difficult to find, Joelle and Riatha jump off the pages.

“Devastation, doom, plague, venom, and intrigue. Also there are cats.” — Beta Reader

“Net: An ambitious undertaking by a début author, but one that she manages to pull off.” — Amazon Review

“Couldn’t put it down! Great characters, full of life, of dreams, doubt, longing, anguish, fear and hope. Excellent dialogue and action propelled me along on the characters’ journeys. Captivating story lines woven together by a master storyteller. Can’t wait for the next book!” — Amazon Review

Available for purchase at the following sites:

Amazon kindle and print * Amazon UK * iBooks * CreateSpace * Barnes and Noble * Kobo


 Jakob’s Journal (Publication Date: Winter 2015)


Jakob Borchain is a priest at the Temple of Seven Sisters in the city of Aramas. He first appears in Ashborne, but he has his own story to tell. You can find most of his story at Jakob’s Journal. I’ve saved the last few entries and will be releasing them in a compilation once Flameborne is released.

Despite the dark times Jakob lives in, he becomes a source of hope for many. Once you read his story, you won’t forget it.


 Orbital Extraction

Orbital Extraction Cover eBook
How far would you go?

It’s been over a decade since the final war and now that the mutations have arrived, it’s time for Mariska and her extraction partner to get to work. The locals have other ideas. Her partner vanishes while Mariska is left bleeding out. She thought those moments were her last. She was wrong and there’s more than meets the eye to her savior. Mariska must choose between survival and sacrifice.

“A very engaging story–well-structured, with a great hook.” -Juror feedback

  Purchase this short story for only 99 cents!

Amazon kindle * Amazon UK * iBooks * Barnes and Noble * Kobo


 Work in Progress:

Flameborne (Estimated Publication Date: Winter 2015)

work in progress2The sequel to Ashborne. I’m in the revision stages! Hopefully the book will be available by the end of the year.



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