Frogs that Quack

Tomorrow is Midsommarafton, or Midsummer’s Eve, in Sweden. It is one of the most important holidays of the year over here and though I’ve never participated in a celebration quite like those in the link, they were close. It’s a fun time and the kids love it. This year we’ll celebrate with friends and skip the maypole dancing,Continue reading “Frogs that Quack”

Motorcycle Construction 101

My son loves building things. Come back tomorrow and there’s a 90% chance I’ll begin my post with ‘My son loves destroying things.’ And it’s true, my son loves building AND destroying things. I think destroying wins, hands down. There are broken bits all over the place. Lego hands keep popping up in the cereal box.Continue reading “Motorcycle Construction 101”

May the Fourth Be With You

Star Wars has been very important to our family throughout the years. In fact, our son’s middle name is Boba. When he was born, our daughter kept telling us to send him back to Star Wars. Whenever anyone asked where she was born, she would dutifully say, ‘Me and Mamma come from America, but myContinue reading “May the Fourth Be With You”