Bug Out, a short story by Cas BlombergFiction:

A list of my published fiction and where you can find it:

Ashborne: The First Chronicle
Novel available on Amazon

Bug Out
Short story, originally published with Perihelion Science Fiction in the Fall 2015. Now available as a short story e-book on Amazon.

Orbital Extraction
Short story available as an e-book on Amazon.


A list of my published poetry and where you can find it:

“A Morning Ritual”, Tea, A Magazine, Summer 2008. Print only.

“The Language of Me”, Mused, Summer 2016.

“Convergence”, Mused, Summer 2016.

“Beasts of Nature”, Page & Spine, July 2016.

“Modern Regime”, Page & Spine, July 2016.

“The Kinsmen”, Star*Line, Winter 2017. Print only.

“If I Ask”, Star*Line, TBA 2017.

“The Kingdom’s Apprentice”, Star*Line, TBA 2017.


“Literary Tour of Stockholm”, Slow Travel Stockholm, 2016.