Article/Campaign examples:

Disability article – Electrolux

I Believe

Development, design, and copy for the ‘I Believe’ campaign, Sanctuary Wellness Foundation, Spring, 2018

Storytelling – published examples

Questo Travel Games

Interactive narrative city travel games (Stockholm, Tokyo, London, San Sebastian, Amsterdam, etc.)

Sleep Story: An Enchanted Discovery

GM Dev app, July, 2020

Sleep Story: The Bridge

GM Dev app, July, 2020

Short Story excerpt: Bug Out

Perihelion Science Fiction

Short story excerpt: The Bone Garden

Almost Anthology, 2022

Short story excerpt: Singapore Wept

Zetetic: A Record of Unusual Inquiry

Web copy/Social Media campaigns:

Translation Services

Care to Translate

Translation services for healthcare translation app for urgent care centers,

Honors & Awards:

“Body Talk”

“Excellent storytelling. The author began with little bits of mystery which expanded and grew. I loved every encounter, but I think my favorite line is, “They’ve eaten all her words.” Nice work, and in only 304 words, which is hard to do! Bravo!” Contest judge.

“A Dandelion Wish”

“The author is clearly very gifted in all major conventions of fiction – creation of character, dialogue, description, and suspense. She also knows how to use the power of the telling physical gesture in all the right places. There are no technical flaws in this piece,” Contest judge.

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