The Long Swedish Summer

Summer in Sweden
My son, always in motion

As long as there’s no ice outside, we’re calling it summer. That’s what we’ve decided at my day job. And it fits, too, in a strange logical way. Although September is coming up fast, in Sweden the summer feels wonderfully long because of the amount of time everyone gets to enjoy it. Many who live here take advantage of that time. Expats return home to various countries, or perhaps visit a popular vacation spot. Swedes almost always travel to a warm sunny place. After a while, Stockholm begins to feel deserted. It’s not uncommon to walk past darkened storefronts and see the ‘summer notice’ posted on the door, and, for once, you’re able to find parking spaces.    Read more

Good Things Jar Celebrates Happy Moments

photo copyright: Cas Blomberg

It feels like yesterday the sun lit up the entire day and we were wondering whether to hit the beach or not. Then BAM! A few grey months drifted past, Christmas came and now I’m looking outside the window at a brand new year.

Like most humans on the planet, I do look back at the good things, but I tend to remember the disappointments. For some reason the things that didn’t happen, or the things that hurt, become more powerful than all the small things that didn’t. Or, I look forward to the fantastic things that are going to happen. It’s like I WANT to focus on the positive, so I look forward, where nothing negative lives yet. The future is full of positivity :). I found as a family, we skipped over the small, but enjoyable moments that happened throughout the year. Maybe the daily grind presses in around us and that fun lunch date we had gets lost amid the bill payments and tire changes.

So two years ago, I got an idea. Read more


My husband takes four weeks of vacation and what do I decide to do?

What any respectable perfectionist would do–I reorganize.

Not just the clean-up type of reorganization either, but the tear-everything-apart-and-toss-out-all-the-junk type. Everything was getting an overhaul–including the website. In fact, I can’t think of anything else that needed a redesign more. Every time I looked at the old site, I saw a tired, dull blog that looked, I’m ashamed to say, a bit scattered. For my first attempt, I was proud of what I created, but it just wasn’t doing the trick. Having a blog was never the original plan. When I began my self-publishing journey, I wanted a website where I could blog. The difference was a subtle, but important, one to me. What I ended up with was a blog and not much more. Read more

When it’s More Than a Hobby

I began writing somewhere around the fifth grade. My teacher gave us an assignment to write a letter from one inanimate object to another. I wasn’t the brightest kid in the class and had a tough time understanding what inanimate objects were, but I was excited! It’s the first assignment I really remember and I’m not quite sure why I was ready to burst with joy, but I was.

I ended up writing a letter from my socks to my bare feet, begging them to start wearing shoes. The socks were sick and tired of being destroyed and if they saw one more rip, they were going to strangle someone, probably one of my toes. Read more

Launch Day

I’m not sure why I thought launching a web page would be easy. Maybe it was the inaccurate assumption that I knew what I was doing. How hard could it be?,  I thought. I’ve given birth to multiple children, kept my sanity (barely) after relocating to a new country, managed the Tiny Tot Scoundrels for years, and prevented anyone from flushing their younger sibling down the toilet. If I can do all that, I can set up a simple website.

Ha! I should really stop listening to myself on Thursdays. Read more