The Run-ons!


Next week, I will be joining a handful of amazing writers and friends whose main purpose is to survive running 5 km. When I say ‘running’ I want to be all inclusive. Jogging. Power walking. Strolling. Walking the dog. Stopping for rests along the way to take in the view. Maybe even have a mid-way pit stop where we can discuss the virtues or lack thereof of famous writers from the 16th century. Seeing as the run is women only, we could debate the first female writer published. The point is, we will all line up, with a number tag on our shirts and began something close to running. We won’t stop until we cross the finish line.  Read more

Crooked Things

"Crooked house dudley". Licensed under Public Domain via Wikipedia -
“Crooked house dudley”. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikipedia

Most people like symmetry. Balance. Things that line up together. Not me. Give me crooked any day. A crooked car would be difficult to drive. But a crooked house, as long as it had a stable foundation, would be awesome! Crooked art. Asymmetrically designed furniture. Uneven earrings. These are things worth talking about, worth noticing for their courage to be different, to push the boundaries on expectations, or in some cases, the unexpected results of life. 

I’m thinking about crooked things today because a lovely woman cut and dyed my hair for a hairdressing exam and the cut came out a little uneven. The left side is longer than the right side. For days, we’ve tried to set up a time to re-do it. It hasn’t worked. Either I had sick kids, or she had sick kids. This morning, she sent me a message asking me to pop over so she could fix it. Today looks like the day we finally get a chance to sit down together and straighten out my hair, but you know, I’ve told her this whole time not to stress over it. 

Why am I not leaving the house with a hat on every day, worrying when she’ll have time to make it right? Why haven’t I booked an appointment with a different hairdresser for a new style?  Read more

My writing group celebrates 20 years!

swg cake
The cake! Minus the sparkly candle things, which were way cool.

Last year I accomplished a lot in my writing world. I finished and self-published my first fantasy novel, Ashborne. I published my first short story, Orbital Extraction. I applied to a grant program. I took several courses related to the craft of writing, including a screenwriting course I never thought I’d take. I created a writing network for writers within Stockholm. And I created this blog. But the best thing I ever did was join a professional, physical, face-to-face writing group called Stockholm Writers Group.
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If I were trapped inside a book

Last week, a Facebook meme popped up asking what TV show you want to be trapped in. I don’t watch much television. I’ve never even heard of half of the shows people listed. Obviously, that was one post I didn’t share. (Although, if someone threatened to toss me into the pit of doom unless I picked a show, I guess I’d go with Doctor Who).

It did get me thinking, though. What if I were trapped inside a book? Which book would I want to be trapped inside? Then I decided it had to be a book I currently own, because where’s the fun in naming just any old book?  Read more

What do a planet, an alien and a frog have in common?

They all lived in my head! Last week, I talked about how technology has infringed upon traditional methods of creativity and how we should remember to go back to pencils sometimes. I also shared some of my husband’s art work. You’ll remember I mentioned I am NOT an artist. To prove my claims, I’ve shared some of my work.

Artwork courtesy of Cas Blomberg




Pastel planet








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5 Tips to Weave a Little Madness into Your Writing

To combat the summer madness, a couple of days ago my husband bought me a new game. Other than Civilization and The Sims, I haven’t played much of anything over the past year. When I had free time, I wrote, researched or read books. When I didn’t, I focused on the kids. It was as simple as that. Entertainment, what’s that? You mean . . . I can have that, too? Are you sure? Read more

5 Ways to Tell if You Need a Theme Song

cas iphone feb 292
Copyright Cas Blomberg

At the dinner table this past weekend, my son asked why Robin didn’t have a theme song. After a short discussion, he proceeded to steal Batman’s song and give it to Robin. Hey, why not? Everyone should have a theme song, right? It’s high time equality showed up for the sidekicks in our culture. Why Robin never had his own song before is a mystery, but he’s got one now. Go Robin!

Then I started thinking. It’s not just Robin who’s missing his own theme song. Most of us could use one, too. Don’t believe me? I’ve put together a short list of theme song qualifications to eliminate any future confusion about theme-song worthiness.  Read more

Motorcycle Construction 101

My son loves building things. Come back tomorrow and there’s a 90% chance I’ll begin my post with ‘My son loves destroying things.’ And it’s true, my son loves building AND destroying things. I think destroying wins, hands down. There are broken bits all over the place. Lego hands keep popping up in the cereal box. Half of a bat’s wing ends up in my shoe. On Christmas morning he’ll rip the snowman paper off his latest truck and proceed to slam it on the ground. He’ll flip it over, crash it into the wall, bend it as far back as possible, then, at some point, he’ll drive it into the toilet. If there are moving appendages on said truck, those will be torn off by lunchtime. Read more

May the Fourth Be With You

Star Wars has been very important to our family throughout the years. In fact, our son’s middle name is Boba. When he was born, our daughter kept telling us to send him back to Star Wars. Whenever anyone asked where she was born, she would dutifully say, ‘Me and Mamma come from America, but my brother and Pappa come from Star Wars.’

As such, I couldn’t let the day pass without referencing that great franchise. Read more