The Long Swedish Summer

Summer in Sweden
My son, always in motion

As long as there’s no ice outside, we’re calling it summer. That’s what we’ve decided at my day job. And it fits, too, in a strange logical way. Although September is coming up fast, in Sweden the summer feels wonderfully long because of the amount of time everyone gets to enjoy it. Many who live here take advantage of that time. Expats return home to various countries, or perhaps visit a popular vacation spot. Swedes almost always travel to a warm sunny place. After a while, Stockholm begins to feel deserted. It’s not uncommon to walk past darkened storefronts and see the ‘summer notice’ posted on the door, and, for once, you’re able to find parking spaces.    Read more

Memoirs I Want to Read

It’s summer. It’s supposed to be anyway. The sun hasn’t shown up. It’s cold and wet and rainy, but the kids are home from school and rather than focusing on writing during the day (I’m still writing, but I’ve been sneaking away at night to write. Sometimes.), I’ve tried to work my way through a few books. I’m behind on my reading. I had originally hoped to read one book per week. It’s a good solid goal. At the end of the year, I’d have read 52 books. The only problem is I tend to read thick books. Many of which are over 500 pages. I should be close to 30 books. I’m still reading my 23rd book of the year. Sigh. 

But as I’m nearing the end of my current book, Pilgrim at Tinker Creek, by Annie Dillard (which has less than 300 pages actually, but wow, what depth on those pages!), I’m looking at what to read next. I actually have a ton of books to choose from. Literary fiction, fantasy, sci-fi, I even got my hands on a steam punk novel. For some reason, though, I’m interested in memoirs. I want to read about the lives of others. So I spent a few hours browsing this morning and I’ve made a list of the memoirs I want to read within the next year.   Read more