The Run-ons!


Next week, I will be joining a handful of amazing writers and friends whose main purpose is to survive running 5 km. When I say ‘running’ I want to be all inclusive. Jogging. Power walking. Strolling. Walking the dog. Stopping for rests along the way to take in the view. Maybe even have a mid-way pit stop where we can discuss the virtues or lack thereof of famous writers from the 16th century. Seeing as the run is women only, we could debate the first female writer published. The point is, we will all line up, with a number tag on our shirts and began something close to running. We won’t stop until we cross the finish line.  Read more

Coffee or Tea?

So I’m sitting here with a cup of tea, mad at my computer because it’s having a personality crisis and can’t remember that it’s supposed to do things like connect to the internet, pull my file from the cloud, and print my work when I tell it to. Instead of stressing about all of that (you have no idea how easy that would be for me), I’m sipping my tea wondering how many authors drink tea and how many authors drink coffee, and what, if anything, separates the tea drinkers from the coffee drinkers. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to pull up any research on the matter because my computer is still having issues.   Read more

My writing group celebrates 20 years!

swg cake
The cake! Minus the sparkly candle things, which were way cool.

Last year I accomplished a lot in my writing world. I finished and self-published my first fantasy novel, Ashborne. I published my first short story, Orbital Extraction. I applied to a grant program. I took several courses related to the craft of writing, including a screenwriting course I never thought I’d take. I created a writing network for writers within Stockholm. And I created this blog. But the best thing I ever did was join a professional, physical, face-to-face writing group called Stockholm Writers Group.
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100 Great Quotes for Writers

100 posts!

I can’t believe it. I’m not sure what the protocol is. Should I break out the rum or sit back with a warm latte and relax? Exactly how does one celebrate writing the 100th post?? I’ve been thinking about it for weeks. Not actively thinking about it, but letting ideas float around in the background. I wanted to write a post that stood out from the others. I’ve discarded listing 100 writing prompts, as well as posting 100 random words, though I could have had a lot of fun with that one. Those are great, but I wanted something monumental that I didn’t have to spend weeks working on (although this one did takes days to put together!). Something I’d come back to over and over again, and hopefully something that would be timeless. A place my readers could visit today, or three years from now. 

I settled on 100 quotes. You might be sick of quotes, but quotes are universal. That’s the thing about them. They last forever. Besides, I’m hoping this will help me remember some of these quotes better. I hear pieces of them all the time, but sometimes I get the author wrong and I want to stop doing that. I also hoped to run across some authors I haven’t read before. Read more

They say a picture is worth a thousand words . . .


I say a picture is worth a million words, especially if it falls under one of these categories:

  • Spontaneous life. In-the-moment happiness, goofiness, and all-around surprise. Nothing beats these photographs. They are so much better than the other ones. You know which ones I’m talking about. Those where we pose our kids like wooden dolls and hope they stand still long enough for us to get the shot. If someone walked behind us, they’d hear something like:

“Move the left leg back. That’s it. Now, act like you’re happy instead of trying to kill your brother. Thank you.”

“Say, ‘Cheese!'” (Fun fact: In Sweden they say, ‘Omelett!’)

“I know! Look at the sky and pretend there’s a dragon up there.”

“On the count of three, we’ll all jump into the air!” (Okay, this one can slide. Jumping is always fun)

“Oh, do that, but instead of hitting each other, hold hands. Perfect!” (talking about children here, not adults)

These pictures come out with a smile, but they’re missing something else that’s more important than a facial expression–like life. The best memories are those crazy, glaring at each other, one foot in the air, the other in a tub of butter kind of photographs.  Read more