Cas Blomberg reading the rune stone at Botkyrka Kyrka, in Botkyrka, Sweden

I could tell you about my past. About my time as a police officer, or working for a greeting card company. I could tell you about the years I spent working for the newspaper. Or about how this southerner packed up everything and moved to Sweden. But that’s all in the past, and the past–well, the past can’t be changed until a working time machine pops up. Right here, right now, that’s what matters. Isn’t it?

This moment.

I won’t waste your time any more. I’m a writer.

Characters live in my head. Sometimes they fight, sometimes they scream, sometimes they laugh and sometimes they weep. They all have a story. My job is to write down those stories. Because they knew you’d be coming . . . and they want you to hear their voices, feel their hope, and fight their struggles with them.

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On the blog page you’ll find a slew of posts about life, culture, dreams, rants, and encouragement. I hope you’ll find something you like.

If you’re interested in a sample of my writing, check out Jakob’s Journal. I try to post new entries weekly.

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4 thoughts on “Cas Blomberg

  1. Cassie: I am so proud of you… you did it! All those years ago when you said you wanted to write… I am so happy that you fulfilled your dream. I’ve purchased you book and look forward to reading it. Congratulations! Love you. -Sharon


    1. As always, Sharon, you warm my heart! It’s been quite a journey from Cincinnati to Stockholm =). Wish I could spend another Christmas in Chicago sometime, though. Or Summer, or a random week in the middle of any month. Thanks so much for your words and I hope you enjoy the book. Love you and miss you!


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