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Latest Release: Orbital Extraction!

Orbital Extraction Cover eBook

Bleeding out on irradiated Earth is never fun. Mariska is about to discover that the alternative isn’t necessarily better.

Suspense, aliens, intrigue, and a touch of madness in a post-apocalyptic earth all for only 99 cents!

“Who doesn’t love slightly insane characters and chase scenes? Add in spaceships and guns in a high-tech and post-apocalyptic world for an exciting read.” – Beta Reader

Available for purchase at the following sites:

Amazon Kindle * Amazon UK * iBooks * Barnes & NobleKobo


Epic Fantasy: Ashborne: The First Chronicle! 

Ashborne Front Cover

A character-driven epic fantasy novel. 

“Net: An ambitious undertaking by a debut author, but one that she manages to pull off.” – Amazon Review

“Couldn’t put it down! Great characters, full of life, of dreams, doubt, longing, anguish, fear and hope.” – Amazon Review

For the price of a latte, purchase hours of page-turning drama!

Available for purchase at the following sites:

Amazon Kindle and Print * Amazon UK * CreateSpace *

Anxiously awaiting The Second Chronicle?


-Jakob Borchain, The Temple of the Seven Sisters

Why not jump into Jakob’s Journal, the story of one man from Aramas and how he touches the lives of many.

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A New Beginning

2nd Day of Harvest Season, 342 Years After Mourning When I heard the footsteps, I knew they didn’t belong to Hilla; her feet traveled a different path, one filled with the soft lift of the sun and hope. Two wardens took her place, shuffling down the damp, stone halls. Silently, they dragged me out of my … Continue reading

Female Character Spotlight: Door

A few weeks ago, I started a series called: Female Character Spotlight, where I highlighted the character Adora Belle Dearheart. My goal with these spotlights is to bring attention to realistic female characters, especially within the fantasy and sci-fi genres.  I want to introduce you to amazing women, and girls, who are strong and weak, who … Continue reading

Answered and Unanswered Questions

1st Day of Harvest Season, 342 Years After Mourning “Twin rowans guard the bend where the river turns east. Count off fourteen paces—nay, double that for your young legs—and you’ll find the overhang. If you don’t see it immediately, sweep away the vines. Sleep there. In the morning, follow the river east. Look for my … Continue reading

When Opportunity Beats a Different Drum

I got the message yesterday at 10:00 am. “Marie at work thought you might be interested in this.” In the e-mail from my husband, I found a link to an announcement on LinkedIn about a Pop-up Bookstore. Authors were encouraged to come listen to three key-note speakers share their insights and experience on building an … Continue reading

Awesome is the New Judgment

If you’re visiting for the first time, you might notice my tagline says ‘Awesome Author of Imaginary Tales’. It says it on my business cards, too. Today, I want to talk about that word, ‘awesome’. No, I’m not entitled–at least I don’t think I am. Well, okay maybe, just a little. I believe if you … Continue reading


48th Day of Ripening Season, 342 Years After Mourning Praise be upon the Seven Silver Crowns, she agreed! I was unsure. The girl’s fear is almost tangible. I can smell it each time she enters, too strong even for the damp rot to overpower. Whether she fears me, or the unknown, I cannot say, but … Continue reading

Why I Deleted Everything on My Pinterest Account

One of the first emails I saw this morning came from a mail autobot. It told me someone had left a comment on one of my pins over at Pinterest. This never happens. I get emails all the time about people re-pinning pins I’ve pinned, but never a comment. I opened it. It was from another Pinterest user, telling me I … Continue reading