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Latest Release: Orbital Extraction!

Orbital Extraction Cover eBook

Bleeding out on irradiated Earth is never fun. Mariska is about to discover that the alternative isn’t necessarily better.

Suspense, aliens, intrigue, and a touch of madness in a post-apocalyptic earth all for only 99 cents!

“Who doesn’t love slightly insane characters and chase scenes? Add in spaceships and guns in a high-tech and post-apocalyptic world for an exciting read.” – Beta Reader

Available for purchase at the following sites:

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Epic Fantasy: Ashborne: The First Chronicle! 

Ashborne Front Cover

A character-driven epic fantasy novel. 

“Net: An ambitious undertaking by a debut author, but one that she manages to pull off.” – Amazon Review

“Couldn’t put it down! Great characters, full of life, of dreams, doubt, longing, anguish, fear and hope.” – Amazon Review

For the price of a latte, purchase hours of page-turning drama!

Available for purchase at the following sites:

Amazon Kindle and Print * Amazon UK * CreateSpace *

Anxiously awaiting The Second Chronicle?


-Jakob Borchain, The Temple of the Seven Sisters

Why not jump into Jakob’s Journal, the story of one man from Aramas and how he touches the lives of many.

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Losing Arguments

7th Day of Harvest Season, 342 Years After Mourning I spent all day debating with myself, only to discover I have lost the argument. At least the hopeful side of me has. The side that is still a little boy filled with a child’s belief that all will turn out for the best, that evil … Continue reading

Why I Would Stop Reading a Book

For at least a year now, I’ve been interested in steampunk. Not interested in the way where I rush out and buy every steampunk novel on the market and start collecting old gears interested, but more of a mild curiosity kind of interest. I guess I’m beginning to flirt with steampunk. If I see an article … Continue reading

New Arrivals

6th Day of Harvest Season, 342 Days After Mourning The message arrived before dawn, and mine were the only eyes to see it. For two days, I have risen before first prayer to check on the birds in the early morning silence, hidden from watchful eyes. Thankfully, we are too short-handed to assign a priest … Continue reading

Writing Advice I Choose to Ignore

Yesterday, I ran across Dylan Hearn’s post, The Ten Worst Writing Tips I’ve Received. He warns the readers the tips are ones that did not work for him, but acknowledges everyone is different. He also doesn’t seem to mind if you counter his points, which I did. Check out his list and if you agree … Continue reading

Midnight Mercies

4th Day of Harvest Season, 342 Years After Mourning Today marks the second day Brother Trinn and I walked among the families of the sick. He pressed a crisp sheet of baked wheat mixed with bark into eager hands, while I followed behind and offered sips of weak ale from a ladle. The refugees know … Continue reading

Three Authors and a Ghost

I couldn’t sleep last night. Nothing new there, I can’t sleep most nights. That’s a lie. Obviously I can sleep, only it takes a while. My brain constantly works. It doesn’t know when to shut down. Every night I close my eyes and hear an internal monologue that goes something like this: Good lunch today . … Continue reading

A New Beginning

2nd Day of Harvest Season, 342 Years After Mourning When I heard the footsteps, I knew they didn’t belong to Hilla; her feet traveled a different path, one filled with the soft lift of the sun and hope. Two wardens took her place, shuffling down the damp, stone halls. Silently, they dragged me out of my … Continue reading