Cas Blomberg


Cas Blomberg reading the rune stone at Botkyrka Kyrka, in Botkyrka, Sweden

When my elementary school teacher in a small town in Georgia began reading our class Great Expectations, I had no idea it was the beginning of a long, lovely relationship with words. I’ve since exchanged covered bridges and hospitality for frozen winters and a polished professionalism in Sweden, but I’ve taken my love for writing with me. I’ve come a long way since then and while the days of thirty children huddled together, sometimes holding hands, wondering what would happen to Pip are over, my love affair with books isn’t. I’ve written, and published, poetry, short stories, personal essays, and a novel.

I have no plans to stop anytime soon.



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We were so different

She was eight years older than me. A gap that large creates a lot of distance between two people. We went to different schools, had different interests, and hung out with different friends. Sometimes we even lived in different houses. We were nothing alike. She was the practical one. I was the one who lived in … Continue reading

Committing to NaNoWriMo

Last week I signed up for National Novel Writing Month. Yay!! My first year! So exciting! I had it all planned out, too. The final week of October, I’d finish up an editing contract. During the evenings, I’d work out the major plot points for the novel I planned to write. My blog post and University of Iowa’s … Continue reading

A Dwarven Oath

8th Day of Harvest Season “How long will you allow that charlatan to run the temple? To lay hands on people in the name of the Seven Holies?” “Master Gryst, it’s complicated.” “Complicated? How complicated can it be? She’s starving everyone. Last I checked, that was murder.” “And we are so pious in Sarond, is … Continue reading

Posting Fiction to a Blog

For those of you who don’t know, normally every weekend I update the Jakob’s Journal section of my site. Jakob is a priest at the Temple of the Seven Sisters in Aramas, a city in my novel Ashborne. Aramas is a rich city, founded on the coin of traders and catering to two warring nations. … Continue reading

My Smart Phone – greatest invention or waste of time?

The kids are home sick again, I’m not feeling so hot myself and while Ninjago plays over and over in the background, I’m trying to resist the urge to start scrolling on my smart phone. Don’t get me wrong, I love my smart phone and the technology that makes it so addicting. What other device … Continue reading

Losing Arguments

7th Day of Harvest Season, 342 Years After Mourning I spent all day debating with myself, only to discover I have lost the argument. At least the hopeful side of me has. The side that is still a little boy filled with a child’s belief that all will turn out for the best, that evil … Continue reading

Why I Would Stop Reading a Book

For at least a year now, I’ve been interested in steampunk. Not interested in the way where I rush out and buy every steampunk novel on the market and start collecting old gears interested, but more of a mild curiosity kind of interest. I guess I’m beginning to flirt with steampunk. If I see an article … Continue reading