Cas Blomberg


Cas Blomberg reading the rune stone at Botkyrka Kyrka, in Botkyrka, Sweden

When my elementary school teacher in a small town in Georgia began reading our class Great Expectations, I had no idea it was the beginning of a long, lovely relationship with words. I’ve since exchanged covered bridges and hospitality for frozen winters and a polished professionalism in Sweden, but I’ve taken my love for writing with me. I’ve come a long way since then and while the days of thirty children huddled together, sometimes holding hands, wondering what would happen to Pip are over, my love affair with books isn’t. I’ve written, and published, poetry, short stories, personal essays, and a novel.

I have no plans to stop anytime soon.



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Poetry Resolution

It’s been said that if you want to write fiction well, study poetry. When I think about that advice, two things strike me: (1) I want to write fiction well, (2) I have not studied poetry. I’ve read poetry. I’ve read Longfellow and Tennyson, Yeats and Keats, Frost and Owen. I’ve considered poetry, both classical and … Continue reading

Steps in Networking

After our writers’ group workshop last week, a few of us stopped off at a local Irish pub. Despite one of our members wanting to punch the bartender for his poor stout-pouring skills (did I mention he’s from Ireland?), we had a great time. Six of us crammed into a booth and chatted about everything … Continue reading

Social Issues Leave Little Room for More Than One Voice

This won’t be a popular post. I know that going in, but after reading Orwell’s words, I decided I didn’t want to be a coward. For those of you who monitor the National Calendar of Days / Months on a regular basis, you’ll know the month of November was National Adoption Month, National Pet Cancer … Continue reading

The Importance of Traditions

If ten years ago you had told me I’d be living in Sweden in 2014, waiting for the snow to arrive on a chilly December day, I’d have called you crazy. I would have also been wrong. As I stare at our tree, I get the feeling the year sort of zoomed past without me … Continue reading

Ten Things I’m Thankful For

Today is Thanksgiving in the states. Our family won’t celebrate until Sunday because even if the history included a bountiful feast in the nation’s early days, for some reason Sweden doesn’t celebrate any holidays between midsummer and Christmas. I keep seeing all the Thanksgiving posts on Facebook and Twitter and I became sad. I’m missing all … Continue reading

Digging through Memories

I’ve been thinking a lot about memories lately. Not only how they’re formed, but what triggers them. How much time needs to pass before a moment in time becomes a memory? I suppose the literal answer is a moment. But I disagree. Some things need time. Snuggled up within the past, or perhaps hidden, hoping … Continue reading

We were so different

She was eight years older than me. A gap that large creates a lot of distance between two people. We went to different schools, had different interests, and hung out with different friends. Sometimes we even lived in different houses. We were nothing alike. She was the practical one. I was the one who lived in … Continue reading