old-pictures-1741.jpgCas Blomberg is a speculative fiction author living in Stockholm, Sweden.

Mission Statement:

My mission is to write speculative fiction/new weird fiction typically set in fantastical settings like post-cyberpunk, bio-punk, fantasy realms, or near-future environments because I believe anything is possible. My mission is to explore the darkness and the light in my stories because the only way to be whole is to confront my demons. My mission is to create strong female characters, place them in impossible worlds and follow them as they tackle life, relationships, hopes, and fears. But mostly, my mission is to write about people we want to become, people we’re afraid of becoming, and people we already are, but perhaps have forgotten.

4 thoughts on “Cas Blomberg

  1. Cassie: I am so proud of you… you did it! All those years ago when you said you wanted to write… I am so happy that you fulfilled your dream. I’ve purchased you book and look forward to reading it. Congratulations! Love you. -Sharon


    1. As always, Sharon, you warm my heart! It’s been quite a journey from Cincinnati to Stockholm =). Wish I could spend another Christmas in Chicago sometime, though. Or Summer, or a random week in the middle of any month. Thanks so much for your words and I hope you enjoy the book. Love you and miss you!


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