5 Reasons why you should attend a writing festival

This is the second year I’ve served on the Board for the Stockholm Writers Festival, and the second year I plan on attending. The first year, I wasn’t sure if I should attend or not. Of course I wanted to support the festival in its debut year! But when I thought about me at the festival, I wasn’t sure it had enough for me. You see, I was under a false impression that I had to have a finished novel ready to be released into the world. I created this imaginary line I had to cross as an author before I should venture forth into the realm of writing festivals. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

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Setting up an email list

NewsletterI’ve finally broken down and listened to the advice many successful authors have passed on for years. No, it’s not, ‘Write every day.’ I’ve given up ever pulling that off while I have small children and live in the frozen north (for the record, I do try to follow that advice, but my version goes something more like, ‘Pray the kids aren’t sick and go to school so I can write!’). No, the advice I’m talking about centers around my author platform and communication.

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If you don’t have a Booklaunch page yet, you should!

Are you an author?

Do you have a Booklaunch page?

If you answered ‘yes’ to the first question, but ‘no’ to the second, you’re missing out.

Despite their name, Booklaunch isn’t just a page for people ‘launching’ a new book. It’s a page for anyone who has written a book and is selling it on emarkets. Check out the Booklaunch page I created for my book, Ashborne. I know I’m biased, but isn’t it beautiful? Now imagine your book there. It’s a beautiful advertising poster just for you and it’s free.  All you need is your kindle book id number and you’re good to go. They have a handy tutorial to walk you through everything, but I don’t think you’ll need it. I’m not lying when I say it’s the easiest thing I’ve ever set up on the internet. Read more

An Indie Author’s Twitter Journey

At the beginning of May I created a Twitter account. Within that first week I gained 12 followers (maybe it was 11). When the confetti settled, I had no idea how to get more. I decided to stroll around the neighborhood and introduce myself. A few clicks later and I had followed some of  my favorite authors: Stephen King (actually, I don’t read most of his books because I get nightmares, but I have great respect for the man, and his talent, and would read his books if I wasn’t such a scaredy cat), Neil Gaiman, Robin Hobb, and Terry Pratchett. It wasn’t until days later that I put two and two together and realized they probably weren’t going to follow me back, no matter how amazing I think I am.
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When it’s More Than a Hobby

I began writing somewhere around the fifth grade. My teacher gave us an assignment to write a letter from one inanimate object to another. I wasn’t the brightest kid in the class and had a tough time understanding what inanimate objects were, but I was excited! It’s the first assignment I really remember and I’m not quite sure why I was ready to burst with joy, but I was.

I ended up writing a letter from my socks to my bare feet, begging them to start wearing shoes. The socks were sick and tired of being destroyed and if they saw one more rip, they were going to strangle someone, probably one of my toes. Read more